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Three Tips for Dealing with the Pain of Sciatica West Palm Beach

The problem with sciatica is the presence of pronounced neurological symptoms (stabbing pain, weakness, tingling) that can occur in the low back and down one leg -  Physical Therapy can help Sciatica West Palm Beach significantly. The Sciatic nerve is vitally important with regards to the function of the leg. What confuses patients is that Sciatica is actually a “symptom” of another medical problem, which is […]

Landmark Study: Direct Access to PTs Associated With Lower Costs, Fewer Visits

On behalf of APTA and its sections on Health Policy and Administration (HPA) and Private Practice (PPS), we’re pleased to announce the release of a new direct access study that we expect will have positive implications for our profession and the association’s efforts to achieve direct access to physical therapists. Funded by a direct access grant from APTA, PPS, and HPA, this study examined non-Medicare claims […]

Posted on: 10-14-2011
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How Physical Therapy Can Help With Acute Low Back Pain

It is estimated that 80% of people will experience some type of back problem throughout their lifetime and physical therapy can help reduce pain significantly!  Just this week, at our downtown west palm beach office, we evaluated 4 patients in one day, all suffering from acute low back pain.  Two of them injured themselves and the other two were not sure how it happened.  However, all […]

Posted on: 10-8-2011
Posted in: Physical Therapy
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